A receipe for carousel(ed) exposed filters


A week ago I presented an idea that was flying in my head for a short while.
The idea was about exposed filters in Views and how to play with the provided interface using carousels.

Why mess with exposed filters?

I have worked on a couple of projects that used Views to construct the search interface for a website’s visitors.
And the more detailed your data model (think of the number of fields in your content-types), the more it seems like exposed filters would need their own search interface.
Or, maybe Views for exposed filters? I will write that down, maybe we have something meta-exciting here.

Back to long lists of exposed filters and the problem of placing them on a screen. Think responsive, think broken layouts, think UX, think of anything.

Or, rather, here is a little presentation for your kind selves. http://raxpetrax.bitbucket.io/list/20161006_slick_exposed_filters/

heart on VEFL

Excellent, excellent module for site builders, open the doors to easier theming of your exposed filters, even if you don’t go the carousel way.
Kudos to the people behind it, have a read on the project’s page!

And with that I bid your fairwell