Ode to Drupal Answers


Some hours ago I presented my view about Drupal Answers to a Drupal crowd up in the mountains of Graubunden. I managed to scramble together some slides and give the lovely audience a piece of my mind.

Do I like Drupal Answers a lot? Yes, sir-reeh

I have spent quite some time “gaming” the stackexchange way. And I thought people would be interested to hear about why I think this is a great community project. So, I got up reaaaaly early in the morning to cover the distance from the Jura region all the way to Davos. Was it worth it? Totally, very thankful for the few curious ones that stuck around.

And here is my humble presentation for your kind selves. https://raxpetrax.bitbucket.org/list/20170218_stack_exchange_retro

heart on the Rhätische Bahn

and the most beautiful scenery and lovely sunny views from the train’s window

alt text

And with that I bid your fairwell