Bringing HowlerJS to Drupal: First steps


I am going to Zürich today, to give a lightning presentation of a seed of an idea that flirts with HowlerJS and Drupal. (Meetup link)

Love thy module; add those tests already, will ya?


I just came back to my home-office after a short holiday break and I ran straight to my laptop to check - for the millionth time in recent weeks - the usage statistics for File Upload Secure Validator. Unsurprisingly I saw again what I could not fathom. The numbers went up… again.

Same as last week and the week before that. Below are some ruminations about a humble, insignificant contrib module and its early path to being a best-seller. I am going to make some - quite obvious - points and reach a convenient conclusion in the end. So, no scientific standards met in this read. :-)

alt text

Ode to Drupal Answers


Some hours ago I presented my view about Drupal Answers to a Drupal crowd up in the mountains of Graubunden. I managed to scramble together some slides and give the lovely audience a piece of my mind.

A receipe for carousel(ed) exposed filters


A week ago I presented an idea that was flying in my head for a short while.
The idea was about exposed filters in Views and how to play with the provided interface using carousels.

Stern-first launching: git commit -m 'Initial commit'


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